Haley Stone - Unitedby8

Haley Stone is the Founder of the WERQ Dance Fitness program. With a background in hip hop, sports, group fitness, and personal training, Stone exudes positive power and passion to create an energetic buzz in her wildly addictive WERQ cardio dance classes. Her career in fitness began in 2004 as a Group Fitness Instructor at the University of Missouri, where she attended college. Upon moving to Chicago, Haley took on leadership roles in boutique and large gyms, managing over 140 group fitness classes per week. In pursuit of her dreams of creating an empowering and fun workout, Haley launched WERQ in 2011. Stone, along with WERQ, has been featured in IDEA Fitness Journal, Health Magazine, SELF Magazine, and InStyle Magazine. With thousands of WERQ Instructors in more than 40 states, Haley’s brand reaches thousands of WERQaholics weekly. Currently, Haley works as the CEO of WERQ Fitness in Kansas City where she lives with her husband and two gutsy girls. 

Find her here: 
IG: @haleystone.fitness, @WERQfitness
Facebook + YouTube: @haleyfitness @WERQfitness