Tara Jackson is the Co-Owner/Founder of Kreative Force Choreo, LLC, an innovative dance choreography company created to provide crowd rocking and wildly energetic game day/ competition routines and/or pre-choreographed dance routines to high school, college/university, and professional level dance teams.  In addition, she is Professionally Certified as a Master Trainer and Choreographer for WERQ Dance Fitness, the wildly addictive cardio dance fitness workout based on hottest. Hip Hop and Pop music. WERQ Fitness is offered in 40 different states and counting. Tara is currently both a Hip Hop Instructor/Choreographer and Hip Hop Cardio Fitness Instructor/Choreographer at Dance Fit Flow in Kansas City, MO, the first dance studio in KC created to offer a variety of dance and fitness classes exclusively for adults. Previously, Tara danced professionally for the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders in the National Football League (NFL) for four years (Rookie Season 2013/2014 through the 2016/2017 Football Season). During this time, she served as one of the Co-Captains of the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders.  Since becoming a KC Chiefs Cheerleader Alumni in 2017, Tara has continued to provide professional choreography for the KC Chiefs Cheerleaders upon request.