We are united, UNITED BY 8.  Clearly undivided, UNITED BY 8.  'Cause we are united, UNITED BY 8!  1 2 3 4…5 6 7 8!!


Our worlds revolve around dance and we know the magic that dance brings to the spirit, to the soul, to the heart.  With so many different dance classes and formats, we wanted to create an experience that united them.  We created a weekend getaway not to just give an opportunity to grow as a dancer, but to step outside the daily grind, connect with like-minded people, and rediscover the inner kid again.

Meet The Team

Amber Powell - UnitedBy8
Amber Powell - Dir. of Finance
Benjamin Allen - Unitedby8
Benjamin Allen - Creative Director
Candis Yamamoto - UnitedBy8
Candis Yamamoto - Dir. of Operations
Tor Campbell - UnitedBy8
Tor Campbell - Dir. of Marketing

Dance Camp 2020 Line-Up

Brandi Taylor- G3V & Hip Hop
Candis Yamamoto - Dance It Out
Luckie - Old School Skinny
Mychele Sims- GROOV3, G3V & Stretch
Tara Jackson - WERQ
Tor Campbell - Unitedby8
Tor Campbell - Broadway